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Beautiful way to shift the obstacles causing you to fret

If things are in a mess and you’re worried and fretful, here’s a wonderful way to alter the action without doing anything directly about it.

Rather than focus on your worries today, devote all your attention to being of service and help to others.

Let all your focus be on being kind, caring and loving to whomever you’re with, whomever you speak to on the ‘phone or electronically, or whomever you even just think about.

Don’t get sickly sweet about it – it’s not about being a saint – it’s about allowing your natural humanness and warmth to flow freely towards others, thus diverting attention from your own drama onto alleviating the dramas of others.

Maintain this for most of the day and by tomorrow, once you return your gaze to your own affairs, you’ll be surprised how things start shifting of themselves for the better.

I wish you instant amelioration of conditions.

Love, D

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