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Become absolutely comfortable with yourself

Most of what drives you is getting away from the turmoil of thoughts and emotions lurking beneath the surface water of your mind. This requires huge energy to maintain.

Imagine not being driven by the need to flee this turmoil. You’d suddenly have all that energy at your disposal and could drive yourself according to a much purer desire to create something amazing in the world instead.

And even more interestingly, the turmoil and your experience of it, which unless faced remains at the core of your being is actually originally activated by a choice at the subconscious level.

You can change that choice and dissolve the turmoil in a trice (results starting to show within 24 hours) by repeating the following statement 6 times or more if you life with fullness of self brought to bear on the saying/thinking of it:

"All internal psycho-emotional discomfort evaporates now and I find myself at peace: I determine what kind of life I have – no one or nothing else."

I wish you total comfort within and without.

Love, B

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