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Befriend destiny

Two options: resist destiny or embrace it, fear it or face it. The latter creates less splatter but it really doesn’t matter.

The more readily you surrender in grace to your destiny, whatever it might be – and you won’t know till it happens so why worry – the less mess is generated along the way, the clearer the path unfolds for you and the more satisfying the results.

The more you fight with it and try to force it to reveal itself ahead of time in a bogus bid to control reality, the more mess and confusion you generate results-wise.

Clarify your broad-based intention to achieve full potential in all aspects of your life, at every level and in every way, vow to do your very best no matter what, vow to receive all incoming information, however initially painful, as an expression of the Tao’s pure love for you, then relax and let go into the mystery, wide open to whatever life has to bring for you.

One thing’s for sure: it won’t let you down.

The embrace of grace to you.

Love, D

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