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Being a being of light

Sometimes the world seems to darken on account of all your cares and woes, your fears and anxieties.

But rather than attempt to change the outside view, the Taoist way is to firstly remember that externals and your view of them are all governed by the immutable universal law of yin and yang (the ever-alternating cycling between shade and light, contraction and expansion etc) and so know that when darkness reaches its zenith the seed of lightness has already sprouted, hence not to take any of it that seriously or assume it has any permanence, and secondly to light yourself up on the interior, knowing that the outside will always bend to reflect the inside.

To wit, dear reader, visualize yourself now as being lit up from within by a glaring gold-white light, emanating from your very bone marrow and radiating outwards to fill all parts of you with absolute light, leaving nothing to see but light.

See it now and see the light radiate even further so it bursts clean out of the bounds of your skin and lights up the world around you for a thousand miles (1,400 km).

May you light up the world for everyone today.

Love, B

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