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Being Centered

There’s a choice in every moment between being centered, and losing yourself in the drama you’re constantly inventing about life, which you do unconsciously for the adrenalin triggered by the associated angst, which is highly addictive.

Because the former creates far less wear and tear on your system, it helps promote longevity, as well as increased pleasure for being alive.

To enter your centre, simply concentrate your attention on one point in your body – for maximum efficiency it can be anywhere along your midline: centre of the front hairline at the top of the forehead, centre of the forehead just above the eyebrow line, base of the throat, centre of upper chest, centre of breastbone, solar plexus, belly button, centre of upper edge of the pubic bone, coccyx, centre of the sacrum, between the vertebrae at waist level, between the vertebrae at the level of halfway up your shoulder blades, centre of the base of the skull, or the crown, for instance.

Though for general everyday use, the belly button, or just below it, tends to be the most effective as this is actually your physical centre in terms of weight distribution – the most ergonomic place to fix a handle should you wish to be lifted like a piece of luggage at any point for any reason – it’s perfectly feasible to achieve the centred state by focusing on any of these and is definitely worth giving yourself the pleasure of experimenting with each of them in turn when you have time, or even to move awareness in and out of each of them in turn.

I wish you deep centre, dear reader.

Love, B

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