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Being Here

Affirmative thinking effects shifts in both internal experience and external reality. By repeating a carefully chosen declaration of intent a sufficient number of times, your unconscious registers it as a command and spontaneously locks onto a different layer of mental circuitry.

This mysteriously produces that unfathomable effect of external reality morphing to reflect your newly acquired internal state, in a similar way to waving a magic wand and saying abracadabra (meaning literally, what I say shall be so, from the ancient Hebrew), if done with full presence of self, will also send a message to the unconscious, that will subsequently translate as a shift in external reality.

For instance, say you find it difficult communicating your needs and desires to others, for fear they’ll reject your requests. If you repeat approximately 81 times (aloud or under your breath as appropriate), ‘I now receive happy and willing help, support and cooperation from everyone in my life and everyone benefits as a result,’, you’ll notice within no more than 24 hours, people will start being more helpful, cooperative and supportive, because you’ve changed the unconscious signals you emit via your body language, which others instinctively pick up on and automatically obey without even realising it.

The interesting part is, while reciting the affirmation repeatedly, watching your mind throw up every reason under the sun why people won’t or shouldn’t help, support and cooperate with you, before it finally gives up, simply because you overcome it with repetition of the positive idea. It’s a fun process, as is watching external reality shifting without you needing to stress or strain to make it do so.

This is what the ancient Taoists called wu wei, meaning effortless action, which is precisely what I wish you the whole day and night long: effortlessness, ease and the simple joy of being here.

Love, Doc

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