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Bending Reality To Your Advantage Today

Do you get a feeling of being terminally deluged by that endless tidal wave of infinite details requiring unending attention and organization in order for your life to work? And do you ever wonder what would happen if you simply walked away? What would happen if you stopped answering emails, direct messages from Twitter or Facebook, SMS, voicemail, if you stopped paying bills, keeping your bank account in order, buying your bits and pieces, cleaning up, taking trips by plane or train, if you threw all your myriad log-in details away, discarded all your bookmarks or simply stopped showing up for daily life altogether?

Would the Tao catch you as you fell into oblivion? Would it deliver you somewhere better? Undoubtedly it would deliver you somewhere different, but as soon as you got settled there, the details would start accumulating and proliferating again.

No, it’s quite evident, whichever way you cut your deal, details on the move in their droves will accompany you to the grave. They’re an essential part of life’s weave, in fact are the very substance of the warp and weft of your life. Even a wandering mendicant of the deepest, Taoist let-go-of-everything persuasion has to deal with details.

Hence the efficacy in respect of relaxing into the flow of the everyday in order to master it, of remembering and honouring that timeworn yet slightly adapted adage, the Tao is in the details.

Remembering that each of the myriad details comprising your life are merely the Tao wearing various detail-cloaks, you remember to say hello to it in each, tell it you love it and doing so, it loves you back. It does this by making itself (in detail form) more pliable and plastic, more amenable to guiding along desired lines.

All you have to do then is set your intention for a successful, healing, joyful outcome to every aspect of your endeavours and the Tao, the Great Flow, will produce that very effect for you – it will make the details sing and dance the light fandango.

The resulting scenario will invariably look and feel different to how you imagine it will but will always deliver the desired experience.

So here’s to the universal tidal flow of details – we love you.

Meanwhile, I wish you such a miraculous flow, with such stupendous results today, you can but skip merrily home singing, ‘Barefoot is a brick,’ for one and all to hear.

Love, D

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