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Bliss From A Thousand Quarters

Sometimes I find myself going into didactic Taoist prophet mode when I’m writing the Wisdom Drops – and what a privilege to be in a position to do so without fear – we must never take this freedom for granted. The tendency of humankind over the ages has been to seek enslavement in one form or another, whether through religion, political ideologies or another other form of imposed structure that would entail some form of bondage and curtail personal freedom to varying extents.

This freedom of expression available here on the site and elsewhere is an exceptional miracle and long may it flourish.

Freedom begins in the heart. You have to know in your heart that you’re free to do whatever you choose. You have to know in your heart that you have the wisdom to make your choices life-affirming for self and others. You have to know in your heart that no matter the extent of oppression, your freedom will always win out in the end. And you have to trust that.

That’s how this freedom we currently enjoy has come about, by the courage of those who went before to believe it possible. We must appreciate it fully.

These thoughts occur to me as I sit here looking out at a world in a state of precarious balance, in which anything could happen and probably will, in which the unexpected is the only thing we can expect now.

The key to unlocking the mystery of perfect happiness in the midst of all this, lies firmly in the heart.

The more I soften and relax my chest, the more I welcome the Tao, the Ineffable, into my heart, the more I love it there, the more my perfect happiness radiates to all parts of me, lighting me up and easing the load of my rational mind.

The more I sink my chi below my navel and let it power me from within, the more able and willing I am to follow the urges arising in my heart, all informed and driven by the love flowing through me.

The more able and willing I am to follow the love-informed urges arising from my heart, the more miraculously the mystery of my life opens up before my eyes.

The more the mystery opens up for me, the more it opens up for everyone involved with me and so the light of pure consciousness spreads.

May you have a magnificent day replete with bliss from a thousand quarters, driven by a stream of surprises that delight.

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