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Bone Awareness

When you’re over-busy, suffering from overload and are feeling the stress, sometimes one of the best ways to antidote it is to reset your internal computer by restarting it – to desist from the everyday internal dialogue momentarily, in other words, and allow the thinking mind a moment of peace and refreshment. There are many tricks you can use to achieve this and here’s one of them.

Visualize yourself as a nice–looking laptop. Visualize choosing the universal reset option, then clicking on restart.

In the interval between the machine closing down and restarting, an interval which happens out of linear time in the eternal now, so it can for as long as you need, become aware of your own skeleton.

Rather than knowing yourself as a person with a mind and to-do list, simply know yourself as a collection of living human bones, that just happens to be surrounded by flesh, fluids, nerves and so on. But ignore them for now, let them get on with whatever they have to get on with and simply be here being nothing but your bones.

When you’ve got and it, felt it, appreciated the simple yet profound mystery and power of being a collection of living bones, return refreshed to the world of people and machines and carry in as you were.

May all your stress dissolve before it’s even had time to form.

Love, D

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