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Bone Marrow Breathing

Traditionally speaking, dear Member, the central thrust of all Taoist practice is to achieve the health, vitality and longevity to keep you in the game for sufficient time to attain enlightenment, the state of all-knowing, all-seeing, all-loving-without-preference transcendental bliss, compared to which the greatest temporal reward is a mere trinket.

The agent used to produce this effect this is what they called chi – supercharged life-force.

The practice of qigong, tai chi and her less well-known sister martial arts, hsing yi and pa kua are all based on developing chi, which after some years of practice penetrates all the way to the bone marrow itself, by which time the practitioner will have grown to a superhuman level of personal power, glowing health, tireless stamina and sharpened mental acuity and will have all the internal resources to remain in the game for the duration.

However, you can accelerate the process and experience near instant results in terms of stamina, vitality and mental clarity, by using the mind to visualize conducting chi into the bone marrow with every in-breath and see it glow and radiate all around the bones with every out-breath.

See the chi as light, white-gold and brilliant. After a few breaths imagine you can see all your bones glowing with it. Then allow yourself to feel it too, or imagine you can.

You’ll notice your limbs relaxing and getting heavy in a pleasant way and your whole body feeling more substantial, more grounded and more vibrant.

Loving wish: your growing levels of vibrancy take you by surprise and you find yourself glowing with enough radiance to illuminate every corner of your world.

Love, B

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