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Boost for your vital power

Feel for your sacral bone, feel the top edge of it, feel the space between that and the next vertebra up, then feel the space between that and the vertebra above it and press in with fingertip.

Keep pressing but only with 4 ounces (110 grams) as if melting cold butter with the heat of your fingertip and by and by it’ll feel as if you’re penetrating deep into the spine.

Hold it (with shoulders relaxed and breath freely flowing) for a minute or two if possible. Then feel for the bone at the rear of the ear (the ear-rear) – the mastoid process and press in similarly first on the left, then on the right.

When you’ve done, sit still and enjoy the subtle sensation of extra strength running through your spine and sense of ease throughout your system.

Within an hour, your general vitality levels will have risen by at least 9 or even 10%.

Big boost to you.

Love, B

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