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Brilliant method for processing negative feelings fast

Identify the negative feeling you’re experiencing within – the fear, the sadness, the grief, the anger, the anguish – and instead of attempting to change or rearrange it in any way, ask yourself, ‘Could I let go of wanting to change this?’ Answer, ‘Yes I could let go of wanting to change this’. Then ask, ‘Would I let go of wanting to change this?’ And answer, ‘Yes, I would let go of wanting to change this.’

You’ll notice having done so that you no longer have the negative feeling/s and are with your power restored in the moment, ready to continue on your path.

This is a brilliant technique and I hope you use it and gain the value I have from it over the decades.

I wish you total self-possession and power in the moment, from moment to moment, no matter what’s going on or isn’t around you, today.

Love, B

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