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Brilliant natural complexion-enhancer

Just to stress, I’m not encouraging vanity. I’m merely offering ancient Taoist beautification methods here to enhance your enjoyment of being you. In the ancient days, some doctors discovered that by using the face point system they’d achieve a better result healing the patient than when using the main meridian system. And as a by product, they found the increased muscle tone, hence reduced wrinkles, improved circulation, hence complexion, made the lips fuller and brightened the eyes.

In the 70s word started getting out, that face acupuncture worked as a natural facelift a by-product of which was increased vitality and health.

That’s how the passage of time turns things inside and back to front in the world of human affairs – the profound becomes banal and the banal profound.

And now I bet you want me to tell you the technique, don’t you.

It works the same way as when rubbing sticks to make fire. Place a palm on either side of the face and briskly rub your hands against the flesh using a rapid a piston-like motion, up the sides, onto the forehead and down over the cheeks to the chin, ready to start again and complete three rounds.

Be careful with sensitive skin – you might want to use a very light lubricant – and generally keep the rubbing as light as a feather lest you burn the skin – you have to do it with high-speed motion yet light pressure.

Your face will feel wonderful and tingling afterwards and if you repeat each day, after about three days your complexion will have vastly improved.

As will your outlook and general vitality levels.

And the more beautiful you look and feel, the more beautiful you see the world around you.

Here’s to the spirit of beauty, may it all but overwhelm you.

Love, B

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