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Bringing on the new – technique

Constipation is a horrible thing and most uncomfortable. This so, whether referring to the bowels or to the conditions of your life in general.

But philosophical standpoints aside, you can expedite the free flow of both stuck excrement and situations by applying intelligent stimulation to a couple of bilateral acupressure points that lie on the large intestine meridian.

Pressing them in turn for 20 seconds each, using approximately 4 ounces (110 grams) of pressure via the thumb of the opposite hand, will elicit a benign shift in the flow of both internally and externally stuck energy in your life within ten minutes, causing palpable and visible effects respectively within no more than 12 hours.

In other words, by pressing these points you’ll relieve constipation of all sorts and cause your life to move on within but a short passage of time.

Press your right thumb to your right palm, look at the back of your right hand and spot the crack formed between thumb and forefinger. At the base of this crack, press into the protuberance of flesh formed in the direction of the centre of the palm. You’ll feel a poignant ache. Hold it and breathe.

Next, still looking at the back of the right hand, press into middle of the highest, fleshiest part of the forearm, just before it slopes down to the elbow area. This will produce a similar ache.

Next use your left palm to rub up and down briskly along the length of the right forearm until your produce great heat there.

Repeat all of this on the left hand and forearm.

Finally rub round your navel 24 times counterclockwise (looking down) and 36 clockwise and carry on as you were, expectant of results occurring shortly thereafter.

I wish you a magnificent release of the old and an even more magnificent onset of the new.

Love, B

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