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Bringing What You Want Into Being Now

No doubt your various lucubrations have occasionally drawn your thoughts into knots as you wondered what if this or what if that. However imagine if, rather than viewing yourself as an entity required to react to the world around you in order to survive, you were to view (and hence know) yourself as the creator of what you perceive as the world around you and therefore, rather than having to react to survive, you were able to pro-act to thrive. Imagine a life in which you were able like this to command the effects of reality on your person by merely focusing your mind on conjuring the reality, or version of it, you wanted, one in which you were enjoying each and every moment as an exquisite gift, in which you were manifesting all the wherewithal you required to do all the things you wanted to do, in which you had supreme confidence to ask others for what you needed from them and get it, because what you needed was in total accord with the greater good all the time, in which you were feeling the perpetual peace and enlightenment enjoyed by the sage, in which your health and vitality levels were always sufficient to support you, in which you were enjoying sharing love fruitfully with everyone in your world, and in which your life developed by a series of miraculous shifts. Having imagined it, ordain it to be so and it will come into being before your very eyes – say to your all-powerful subconscious mind, ‘I ordain this vision to be actualized now,’ three times with conviction, sincerity and feeling. Then take three breaths to mark the occasion, lest it all but passes by unnoticed, return to the world of people and machines and carry on as you were.

Expect miracles.

I wish you more and bigger miracles than you’ve even been able to imagine today.


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