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Nine and eight ninths out of ten showbiz people will freely admit that they can keep rolling along happily enough, but no matter how successful they are in the eyes of the world, no matter how much wealth and prestige they’ve accumulated through their talent, it only takes one negative critique – and it can even be one from someone they absolutely know doesn’t have a clue – to totally topple their confidence and give cause for an emergency internal readjustment process in order that the show goes on.

And if you go with the Shakespearian notion, all the world’s a stage and so on, civilian life is obviously no different: things can be going right for you in the most swimmingly wonderful way but it only takes one teeny thing to go wrong sometimes and it feels as if your whole life has been a waste of time.

You have overwhelming proof that life works out, because it’s worked out till now (or you wouldn’t be here reading this, assuming of course you are and if not, simply ignore all of this and carry on as you were). Yet often the slightest element sliding in an awry direction and you assume nothing’s ever going to work out again.

This may sound extreme but I’m not sure it is.

This might be on account of liking horror movies more than happy ones, for the adrenalin and intensity.

So if jumping at the drop of a hat to unfounded negative conclusions is one of your peccadilloes, you might want to remind yourself you have options and that these options can be customized to afford you both intensity and peace of mind. Remember reality as we know it is entirely subjective and responds in real time to the way you’re describing it to yourself.

Start describing it as a milieu for healthy, joyful self-expansion and fulfillment arising from all your needs being met with utmost elegance and panache at all times, a milieu in which you feel safe and sound and hence able to take the necessary risks to produce the self-expansive effect and that’s how it will start showing up to you in real time too.

So now, each time something tips on its head, say thankyou to life for reminding you of all the things that have remained and are likely to remain the right way up despite us hurtling like crazy people through space at 2 million kilometers an hour or whatever it is when you factor in the speed of the earths orbit around the sun, the sun’s orbit around the galaxy and the galaxies motion against the background radiation wave of space. It’s a the most astonishing sleight of hand ever devised in fact, because this is a ferocious old universe yet most of the time life goes on as it always did and hopefully will.

Of course there’s always the fear that if you relax and trust the flow too much, you’ll grow counterproductively complacent, to remedy.

Intergalactic transmission over.

As you were.

I wish you deep, unshakable trust that everything is working exactly as it’s meant to, to produce the highest good and at least unexpected unmistakable signs today that this is so.

Love, D

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