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Change your description of reality, change your experience

If you watch carefully as you go about your business in the everyday realm, you’ll notice yourself describing your experience to yourself from moment to moment.

The way you describe your experience directly controls the tone of your experience. The way you describe it is in no way compulsory and you’re free to change it at any time, thereby changing the actual experience.

You may think so what, but considering all you’re doing is having an experience, I’d say, so everything.

For instance, you find yourself walking into a rush-hour crowd to catch a train. Your mind describes the experience as ‘oh no, a crowd, push-shove, be careful, it’s potentially dangerous', definitely something to feel sorry for yourself about, something to tense up against and so on.

That then directly determines the experience you have, which in turn will act as an example to everyone in the crowd to feel similarly, hence the miserable looking crowds of people at rush hour getting on and off trains.

But remind yourself you’re alive and that’s a miracle and coming together with others is not only interesting, exciting and fun, it’s also an opportunity to use your heart as an organ via which to transmit and receive universal-style love wherever you roam, and the bigger the crowd, the bigger the opportunity.

This will elicit a totally different internal response and external effect, causing others to light up and shine around you as well.

…Or stop describing reality at all and be enlightened instead

Because after learning to change your description to the positive, this is the next, more advanced stage.

Instead of even bothering to describe reality as it’s happening all around you, stop.

Drop everything about you back inside.

Be in your midbrain, be back behind your breastbone, be back behind your navel, feel your spine, be in your body, breathing – simply witnessing, sensing, experiencing without describing it to yourself.

You’ll only manage moments at a time but each moment spent thus is enough to power you up for the next 24 hours of described reality.

I wish you such enlightened neutrality, free from description in much profusion today, dear Member.

Love, B

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