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Channelling Chi for Bringing Things Into Manifestation

Making things happen as if by magic is definitely the best game in town – but not simply because it’s such amazing fun watching something you’ve intended to happen, happen simply because you wished or intended it so. It’s amazing fun because it gives you a front row view of the Tao in action and confirms that the chi flowing through you is indeed the same chi the Tao ‘uses’ to create the universe and keep it being created, which in turn confirms the glorious sense of being an integral part of an eternal continuum of consciousness and life.

So remember that when using what follows as it’s powerful and makes it all too easy to get lost in the level of simply making things happen. The ability to make things happen ‘by magic’ is what the yogis would call a siddha or power. The attainment of yogic powers is seen by them to have value merely as an indication you’re getting closer to the perpetual nirvanic state. However they admonish that if you buy too heavily into the fruits of your magic rather than remaining identified with the source of all of it, the Tao, or in their terminology, Brahma, you will remain trapped on the material plane for yet another round of birth and death and so be wasting valuable time in the journey of your soul’s eternal evolution.

With that born firmly in mind, repeat the routine suggested in the public Wisdom Drop and when you can see the image of what you want to bring into existence as if it already exists and have placed it in the bowl of chi in front of your face, raise both hands as if holding that same bowl and slowly move it in small circles like turning a small wheel seen from the side, first counter-clockwise nine times, then clockwise nine times. The former to release any unwittingly associated negative energy from the wish and the latter to induct positive energy into the wish. As you do this, you will feel a palpable sense of swooshing between your hands. When you’ve done, and finally blow the image out of the bowl off into infinity until all that remains is a far distant miniscule pinprick of brilliant light, you do so with exponentially amplified power and the results in real time will be proportionately more dramatic and impacting.

Loving wish: you manage to instigate the most stonkingly huge miracle of your entire life so far between now and Monday and find yourself all but floating on air by the grace that fills and surrounds you.

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