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Channelling Chi for Bringing Things Into Manifestation cont’d

When the Tao had a thought it manifested as the universe. The power of the Tao’s thought was made manifest by kinetic force or chi, an energy so powerful it is able to cause entire galaxies to collide. This chi is available to channel within your own body. Developing mastery of chi is at the heart of all Taoist practice. Channelling the kinetic force of the cosmos you are able to bring things into manifestation using the same process of though-intention as the Tao when it creates universes.

Take a moment to imagine a small hole in the centre of your forehead between your eyebrows. Imagine you’re breathing directly in and out through the hole. After a few breaths you’ll be feeling a pleasant tingling in your forehead. Now visualize a hole at the base of your skull in the centre and imagine breathing inn and out through that. Likewise, after a few breaths you’ll feel a tingling there too. Now breathe in through the forehead and out through the back of the head.

Keep breathing and notice the chi streaming out the back of your head moving over the top of your head and filling up in an invisible bowl in front of your face.

Now visualize what you want to manifest as if it’s already in existence and project that image into the chi in the bowl in front of your face so that it’s totally immersed.

Now use your imagination to shape that chiwith the image inside into a tightly compressed spherical shape. Take a deep breath in through the forehead as it were and as you breathe out through the base of the skull, and the chi moves over the top of your head and into the space in front of your face, imagine yourself blowing the sphere out of the bowl and off into infinity until all that remains of it is a tiny pinprick of light in the distance and carry on as you were. Depending on how big a thing you want to manifest, the process of it starting to come into existence will be discernable anywhere from 3 to 90 days hence.

There are many other Taoist ‘magic’ tricks you can play using the chi, breath and intention – this is just one but it’s a good one so I hope it serves you well.

Wish: life surprises you with a run of things you’ve wanted for ages suddenly springing into existence before your very eyes.


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