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Choose successful outcomes

Everything works out when you choose it to and you let it do. Try saying that to yourself three times, and then say it another three times and see how it makes you feel.

'Everything works out when I choose it to and let it do.'

As well as subtly increasing your sensation of inner peace and confidence, it will also bring up doubt about your ability to trust life that much, doubt about how living this way might make you lazy or irresponsible and doubt about whether such metaphysical operations actually work in the first place.

Don’t push this doubt away, however. Instead understand it’s that frightened child aspect of you that was let down by life early on and is always screaming for your attention in attempt to prevent you suffering the pain of shattered expectations and disappointment.

So thank that aspect of you and let it know you’re not about to start entertaining wild expectations about anything and in any case can handle disappointment because you know it’s only disappointment. Let it know that you’re in command of things and ask it to come along for the ride.

Then, as we’re saying things today, say, ‘I trust myself, I trust my choices, I trust my life,’ six times and carry on as you were.

You’ll find within moments your whole view of life as you find it and future prospects will have brightened notably.

Be clear about your intention now. Take a moment to ascertain what it is. If you’re not in the mood for thinking about it, just choose successful outcomes to all your endeavours, health and inner peace – all the rest can take care of itself.

Loving wish: that it all takes care of itself so well and so beautifully, you can give your mind a rest and enjoy being here a thousand times more, from moment to moment.

Love, B

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