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Did you know you could choose the mode in which you’d experience any particular event, passage or interlude? For instance, you may have a challenge before you that’s stressing you out a bit. Instead tell yourself you’re choosing to experience it with joyfulness, ease, effortlessness and gratitude and by doing so will produce a top hole result as if by magic, and providing you tell yourself so with sufficient conviction, that’s precisely what you’ll manifest.

It goes like this. Relax, gather yourself, rise up to all that’s beautiful and powerful within and around you, bring the totality of your self to bear and say,

“I choose to experience this _______whatever it is______with joyfulness, ease, effortlessness and gratitude and thereby elicit a top hole result.”

Then forget all about doing that until after the event, at which look back at the result achieved and the way you felt doing it and marvel at the efficacy of your own magic power.

The key lies in remembering to do this at every passage, interlude or event, until it becomes more or less automatic, by which time you’ll be sustaining a state of perpetual bliss, which is exactly what I wish you.

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