Claim Authority Over Your Existence Now

Sometimes you simply have to drop out of the game for a day or two or sometimes more. Other times you can’t hold yourself back from the Great Mingle.

Both extremes however are merely an expression of yin and yang and must neither be taken too seriously or personally.

At the heart of both experiences, you reach the Tao whatever – you touch the Innate Presence.

And once you do that, however you’re feeling, whatever you’re doing is transformed.

All at once you know the depth of existence as well as its height and breadth.

Suddenly you are no longer an individual trapped in a story you believe to be visited upon you.

Now you are the author.

You have authority in the deepest sense.

But of course, it’s not you, the local person, who has that authority, it’s the Tao informing you.

But the trick is, as soon as you learn to carry awareness of the Tao informing you, into your local world, it is you with the authority.

In other words, you’re then able to write the story of your life as you go along.

Obviously there’s every chance this was your preordained destiny and you were always going to choose to channel the Tao at this point but that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you take a moment to ask yourself how you want to create the next bit before it passes you by.

I wish you the warmest and most wonderful of days.

Love, D

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