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Coming Up Smelling Of Roses

Settle into your skin, breathe slowly, close your eyes (after reading this) and visualise a beautiful rose in the centre of your chest behind your breastbone (see it, smell it, feel the delicate silken quality of its petals) – see the rose slowly opening to reveal its innermost magnificence for all the world to enjoy. Feel the essence of its beauty and the sweetness of its scent radiate from the centre of your chest to fill your person and flow out to fill the world around you with its delicate silken quality, like a fine, rose-tinted vapour capable of gently healing and soothing all rifts between you and others, capable of healing all rifts between you and yourself and leaving the sweet fragrance of wholeness wherever it goes. In this milieu, picture the outcome you want in every situation. See it happen. See yourself coming up smelling of roses and carry on as you were.

Believe it and it will happen (you manifest the reality you choose).

Have a sweet-smelling day and night.

With love, Doc

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