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Communications Skills Boost

When you allow your thoughts to drift and your mind to naturally quieten down as a result, it stimulates your automatic energy production, so increasing your vitality while simultaneously relaxing you and reducing your stress levels.

In this heightened state, you channel more chi (life force) and chi being the aspect of Tao which is in perpetual motion, this puts you in partnership with the Tao as the chi courses through you. And as every single one of us are similarly informed by this same chi, and the same Tao is in all of us, every time you quieten down enough to induce an up-rush of chi, you are connecting at the purest level to those around you. As a result you’ll find that you’re also able to communicate on the everyday level with far more ease, fluency and effect.

This quality of quietness is attained by relaxing your body, letting go of muscular gripping, dropping your shoulders, sinking your weight, elongating your spine, especially at the rear of your neck, breathing slowly, softening your chest and face and drawing your consciousness back into the centre of your brain, by visualizing yourself sitting there in a cave, your back leaning up against the cave’s rear wall, which is co-spatial with the rear wall of your skull, letting your everyday thoughts drift and gazing into the deep void behind your forehead with your eyelids lowered and then focusing your gaze along a line stretching into infinity with absolute intent for a few moments till you feel the sensation of energy filling your entire being and returning to the everyday state as soon as you’re ready, feeling refreshed, recharged and revitalized, ready and raring for some meaty action.

Love Doc

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