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Communing With The Golden Immortals

If mega-tools hold any appeal, as you wend your way along the Great Thoroughfare today dear reader– if you have a bit of a yen for producing a meta-shift in the action and experience of your life’s adventure, have a go at the following procedure.

Having arranged yourself for optimum physical comfort levels by relaxing all your muscles, lengthening your spine (tuck your sacrum under a tad, push your neck back a bit and raise your breastbone), dropping and broadening your shoulders, breathing fully, freely, evenly, silently, smoothly, deeply, mindfully and uninterruptedly and drawing your mind back into the depths of the centre of your brain, so your eyes become no more (or less) than two windows in the front of your skull, mindfully repeat the following sequence of affirmations, aloud or under your breath as appropriate, no less than 81 times (allow approximately ten minutes for the entire procedure):

'I am not in this world to impress people – I am here to enjoy it.

I can do it.

I now receive happy and willing help, support and cooperation from everyone in my life and everyone benefits as a result.

I am always in the right place at the right time, successfully immersed in the right activity, with the right people, with the right result.

Something amazing is happening in my life now.'

Following this carefully could turn out to be one of the most powerful life-transforming moments of your life so far.

May it serve you well and may today, tonight and through the weekend be as profoundly self-affirming as profound can be. May it see you communing with the Golden Immortals themselves and may the real-time results surprise and delight you to the quick.

Love, Barefoot

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