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Confidence boost

Remain positively and respectfully expectant – trust the Tao to deliver. Trusting it, you also trust that when things seem to go against you making you question and doubt the validity of the manifesting process, these things are actually happening to accelerate the process, even though it often appears to be the exact opposite. Entertaining this level of trust is actually what makes the game such utter fun. If it wasn’t for the suspense involved it would be boring for its predictability.

And remember, it is just a game and not the point of life itself.

The purpose of you being here is to enjoy it, because when you’re enjoying it, the Tao, of which you’re an expression in human form, is able to enjoy it through you and there can be no higher purpose than to make the Tao happy. Your mission, your purpose set in motion, is to share and radiate that joy to everyone in your life and so increase the levels of joy for everyone.

So though you expect life to deliver, you have no reason to rush it or doubt it – you can afford to relax into your purpose and mission and gain your succour from that.

Repeat six times: 'I trust myself, I trust my choices, I trust the Tao' – and carry on as you were.

Loving Wish: the Tao blows your mind with the scale of the good it manifests for you next.

Love, B

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