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Countless Blessings You Thought You Were Too Blocked To Receive

You ever get the sensation that nothing’s going to go right even though you’ve been in similar places before and have always to date been delivered to safety by the Tao, your big self or whatever it is that weaves the warp and weft of your life into all its variety of shapes – that sensation of a weight of darkness upon you and your affairs casting a heavy pall on all you do or plan to do – and yet somewhere in there you can hear that small, still voice saying, ‘don’t give up, don’t imagine I’ll let you down this time, don’t be that vain, trust me, gird your loins and see it working out for you,’ and though you find it hard to dredge up the energy to support it, you somehow manage to go with that faint glimmer and as soon as you do, or the day later, suddenly external factors start shifting around for you for the better and the energy starts flowing more smoothly and in your favour again?

If this is one of those times – what’s required is a re-girding of loins, a gathering of faith, an amassing and unification of the internal troops, with you as their general and a fresh incursion on the energetic level into the world of the world with your eye on the main chance.

See it and it will be so.

Form the picture in your forebrain of you sitting back in three months time, having accomplished an incredible amount and being way further into the process of manifesting whatever it is your heart has always desired, then look inside and see where you’re resisting that, both in your innermost thoughts and in the soft tissue and muscles of your body. Look for the subtle physical resistance to the picture of you having succeeded and wherever you find it simply use your mind to release it – but you’ll have to be extremely sensitive because it really is a subtle thing, this resistance, however, locate it, command it to dissolve from your soft tissue and dissolve it will.

Then allow yourself to be in an open, humbly receptive state, ready for and expectant of receiving all the blessings this universe has to offer you.

You might reactively say that the universe seems not to have that many gifts to bestow on you personally – on others perhaps, but not on you – that somehow you got overlooked when it came to apportioning the blessings but in fact the blessings store is infinite for each of us and it’s only us ourselves who block its flow, specifically with the above mentioned resistance.

You wouldn’t think it was all so complicated this getting what you want business the Taoist effortless way and in essence it’s not but the layers of resistance within do comprise a complex which needs gently, patiently undoing.

However, this undoing cannot be done by that aspect of you which is caught up and mesmerised by the effects of the external world, that aspect of you which believes so firmly in its individuated identity, which has all but forgotten it is but a collection of habitual mental and behavioural patterned responses, for that aspect of you is fundamentally illusory, though a damn fine illusion – just look in the bathroom mirror.

This undoing process can only be achieved by that unchanging part of you deep at the core of your being, which is in fact one with the pleroma, the Tao, the Great Umbrella Of All Existence, hence why it’s crucial you develop the skill of drawing your mind back and down to sit steadfastly on the top of your upper brainstem at the base of the central region of your brain at all times. For when your mind is thus situated, you are looking through the eyes of your ‘original spirit’, the Tao and cannot be mesmerised or pulled this way and that by external distractions.

Only when your mind is engaged in the non-stop internal commentary occurring in your prefrontal lobes in the forebrain, can you and are you pulled this way and that until you don’t know whether you’re coming or going.

Once you have managed to effect that withdrawing and gathering trick practice until you’re able to maintain it fairly constantly as you work, rest and play.

Have a stupendous day and night filled with countless blessings you thought you were too blocked to receive.

With love, Doc

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