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Creating a fearless self

Take yourself back, way back, to a time you just did things without judging yourself, hampering yourself or unnerving yourself in any way, you just did what you did with the enthusiasm and wholeheartedness of an innocent child and whatever you were doing worked out for you, when your spirit was so untrammelled by the misguidance of adults and authority figures, you were fearless as you worked, rested and played.

Access the sensation of that fearlessness in your chest – the unbridled commitment to the moment and pretend for a moment that you never bought into the self-criticism habit in the first place. Imagine how you’d be feeling that same sensation in your chest now naturally and feeling it all the time, no matter what. Imagine if the natural set of ethics arising from the innocent untrammelled state of virtue (wholesomeness) at your core has never been brought into question or undermined in any way. Imagine yourself boldly, fearlessly stride forth from success to success in that state.

Now project an image of you looking and feeling that way a little in front and to the right of you.

This represents the you you’re going to manifest as in but a short time from now – you who is in a state of unshakable boldness and fearlessness.

Note everything about your appearance as this projected self, your posture, body language, facial expression and even clothes, shoes and hairstyle.

Hold the image steady, then slowly guide it a little to the left so it’s now bang in front of you and carefully enter in through the rear of the skull (of the projected self).

Feel those sensations of unshakable boldness and fearlessness from within as if already manifest and then draw the projected version of you with you inside it, back into your body as you sit, stand or crouch here reading this.

Take a moment to rest after all these internal acrobatics and then carry on as you were. Within no more than 24 hours you’ll spot a discernable difference in the levels of freedom at which you’re operating.

I wish you unbridled freedom of self.

Love, Barefoot

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