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Creating and maintaining your positive spirit

With the external world in such a state of flux, slamming you randomly between elation and deflation at every turn, it’s fairly crucial to your overall wellbeing to develop and maintain a positive spirit.

Psycho-emotionally this relates to being willing to trust that however things appear, events are moving as they are to produce your highest good. It doesn’t mean going into denial about what irks you. It means acknowledging the challenge, then choosing to trust it’s there to make you stronger and help you grow more into yourself.

This takes courage: the courage to dare to see it, even if you don’t believe it, because if you can see it you can be it.

But perhaps more importantly, on an energetic level, it’s about doing what the ancient Taoists called raising the spirit of vitality, meaning tuning into the energy just above the crown of your head, doing which instantly lifts you out of the deepest doldrums.

The trick lies in remembering to keep doing so through thick and thin.

I wish you a radiant, positive spirit that lifts you high and carries you on a current of bliss today.

Love, D

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