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Creative expression expediting exercise

Creative thought is information coming through from a higher frequency and is, according to the Taoists, received via the crown of the head, processed at the back of the brain, thrust forth into the midbrain as pure thought, filtered in the forebrain and delivered as a conscious thought. This all happens so quickly it seems instantaneous.

To expedite the process and thereby stimulate a fresh flow of thought communication and activity in your life, begin by visualizing the two halves of your skull, opening along the midline like two sliding doors slowly parting to allow free access to your crown from above.

Next, picture a tiny aperture between the eyebrows, giving forth into a fine channel leading back over the top of the brain to the centre of the base of the skull.

As you breathe in, picture/feel the breath stream in through the small opening and stream backwards over the brain to the base of the skull. As you exhale, picture/feel the breath stream forwards over the brain and out through the small opening.

Repeat this to and fro motion nine times. With each backwards pass, think clarity, with each forwards pass, think creativity.

Then forget all about it, till tomorrow, when, if increasing your creative power to transform life appeals to your sense of existential derring do, it would well behove you to repeat it – and then again the next day and so on.

In any case, watch what happens spontaneously over the next 24 hours, as I think you’ll find it fun.

I wish you the deepest existential fun today.

Love, B

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