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Cutting a swathe of power through the crowd

Sounds brimming with machismo doesn’t it, however to cut a swathe of power through the crowd in fact requires adopting equal amounts if not more of the opposite attitude: the yin, the accepting.

I was walking through a busy station concourse recently, from one corner to the other, to get my train. The crowd was thick: people looking at the information boards, people talking, people meeting, people saying toodlepip, people aimlessly milling and people cutting their own swathes.

I internally aligned myself. I lengthened my spine, dropped my shoulders, centered myself around my navel, drew my vantage point backwards into my midbrain, raised my breastbone to activate my thymus energy in order to elicit natural mutual sympathy with all around me, focused my intention on arriving effortlessly and enjoyably at the platform entrance with ultimate swiftness.

The most interesting moment was when a woman stepped into my path, causing me to yield going forwards in a discreet swerve without losing momentum, as this reminded me how important it is to be flexible and willing to flow round obstruction gracefully rather than to be so consumed with self-importance and blind objectivism you’d be more inclined to push people out of the way.

She added curve to my trajectory and it was this curve that lent the sensation of flight to the motion. And I glided onto the train like a supercharged feather.

And as it was happening, I was thinking about you and how I wanted to share it with you somehow – so here we are – or here we were.

I wish you a smooth flight, sublimely curved, through the day and night.

Love, Doc

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