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Cutting a swathe of power through the crowd – power-booster technique

Take walking as a metaphor for moving through your life and consider the following: by collecting your thoughts, gathering your focus and shifting it to any particular key energy-consciousness nexus (acupuncture) point in the body, you radically alter your motion and the effectiveness of your actions.

Specifically today, by concentrating on the center of the ball of each foot, especially as you walk along, you’ll trigger an instantaneous activation of the thymus gland in the upper chest, the storehouse of youthful vitality, along with the natural confidence and openness to others this inspires.

The movement of your body derives from the sacrum, thrusting forth into the navel region but the intention that drives the movement is expressed in the thymus.

You’ll find yourself walking faster with greater ease and flow and imbued with a different sort of confidence.

If you haven’t time or opportunity to walk a bit today in order to try this out, simply visualize yourself walking – with sufficient concentration this will have an equally powerful effect.

Either way or both, by shifting the experience of walking radically like this, you automatically radically shift the experience of moving through life.

May your experience be radically transformed so beautifully today you can hardly believe your eyes.

Love, B

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