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Dancing the cancan for the sun

I must preface the following gem with a reminder that all these brilliant ancient Taoist techniques I decode, make contemporary and then transmit your way, have a thousand and eight times more relevance and impact when associated with or based on a daily practice of at least qigong (QIGONGO in the Barefoot idiom) and the internal alchemy practice, if not the martial arts – Tai Chi, Pa Kua etc – because all these forms are specifically for embodying the relevant thought and so making it real rather than just conceptual for you.

That said, the thought I wish to propose today for your delectation, delight, and entrainment in the art of the master, is that you already have everything you need.

And before you doth protest on account of perceiving yourself to not have enough of this or that at present, let me explain the premise of my proposition.

One of the fundamental axioms of Taoist magic practice aside from being able to say abracadabra in fluent Mandarin of course, is that whatever quality you project onto the Tao is the quality the Tao will mirror back at you, and whatever storyline you ascribe the Tao is the storyline the Tao will mirror back at you. In other words, project providence and you get provided for. Project you already having everything you need and you get everything you need.

So rather than stress over not having this or that (enough money, enough love, enough health, enough whatever), assume you actually do already have whatever you need, and relax into enjoying it as you find it, and you as you find you, including even the feeling of not having what you need.

Then carry on as you were, like a child playing freely in the garden of life,.

And hey presto, abracadabra in Mandarin, and all that, you’ll notice within no time that all your needs are actually met.

So stop stressing about it.

Momentarily arrange your person in an upright standing position.

Place your feet at the width of your shoulders, both feet facing directly forwards.

Bend your knees as much as you can without putting strain on the joints.

Tuck your pelvis under a tad.

Lengthen your spine by imagining someone lifting the crown of your head towards the sky.

Drop your weight into your belly and legs.

Soften the muscles of your face and tell the rest of your body to follow suit.

Have a sense of an open heart by imagining the two halves of the breastbone sliding away from each other to reveal the jewel of your being.

And tilt your presence backwards inside so you’re occupying the back of your body and the back of your brain rather than remaining crammed in the noisy front of you.

Now raise your arms in front like a sleepwalker, except you’re now a very-awake-walker, palms facing the ground.

And wait.

Do nothing.

And gradually start coming to the picture of this life of yours being a fairytale adventure, in which you have a fairy godmother who provides for all your needs every step of the way, leaving you free to enjoy the ride, and in which everything comes together with beautifully surprising, often right-at-the-last-minute, elegance.

Don’t waste energy attempting to believe or justify, or resist, or question this notion, simply come to it like coming to a picture of say the planets of the solar system wearing tutus in a chorus line dancing the cancan in for the sun – you can see it, know it’s not possible but don’t care.

Difference with this proposition however, is that it’s not only possible but actual as soon as you activate it by agreeing.

Stay planted as long as you can for anything up to 6 minutes, enjoying the strengthening you’re giving your thighs, then slowly lower your arms, straighten your legs, and walk about the place enjoying the relief.

The magic will follow so stay alert to it.

Love, this Barefoot Doctor

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