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Dancing with destiny

If destiny was an angel, it’s waiting for you to lead it by intention across the floor.

That’s right: destiny-angel needs your will to activate it. For fatalists this may seem the wrong way round, and it’s true, destiny would have always brought you to the point you’re at, prompting you to have made all the choices you made along the way to facilitate the present outcome, and will continue to do so, but – and here’s the waves and particles paradox you can’t resolve and are best not to bother trying to resolve but merely to bemusedly accommodate as comfortably as possible – unless you participate in activating it, it wouldn’t and won’t do so.

Not that, that’s possible: destiny’s destiny. Nonetheless, it awaits your lead.

Tell it where you want the dance to take you next – don’t be shy, don’t hold back: tell it everything you want and it’ll lead you to it or vice versa.

Of course you were always destined to read this now and to act on it how you will, but don’t hold back on that account.

I wish you a most unprecedented display of miracles-serendipity.

Love, D

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