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De-stressing Yourself And Those Around You

People around you getting stressed, causing them to act destructively is an occupational hazard of being a person on a planet and there’s nothing you can do about their behavior. That’s their business. What you can do is adjust the way you respond to it. And that tends to have a magical knock-on effect on the way they behave.

Start by assuming each person in your life is reflecting back a different aspect of your own psyche and the ones who are acting destructively are reflecting the part of you that’s acting destructively towards yourself,

Then, because what you focus on grows, go on to focus on the constructive aspects of your psyche. Look at the things you’re creating out of nothing, look at the love you share, look at the amazing ideas you have and put into practice, look at how you’re adding value to the world simply by being here.

And as you look at your constructive aspects, gradually becoming more aware of your fine qualities, simultaneously invite your body to relax and your breathing to decelerate, till you’re feeling quite calm.

Then visualize that calm, radiating constructively like a vapor from your chest and spreading all around you, enveloping everyone in your space in the very essence of constructive calm.

An actual shift will occur shortly afterwards and people will start opening up and communication will ensue to enable healing.

Wish: everyone starts acting surprisingly constructively and calmly, warmly and even lovingly around you today, as if by sheer magic.

Love, D

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