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Dealing Effectively With Overwhelm

There are times you’re so overwhelmed with things you have to do, you don’t know where to begin and find yourself flustering and mildly panicking. When this happens, rather than succumb and subsequently allow your vitality to be drained for no good reason, stop and remind yourself none of it is ultimately that important. Yes, of course it’s important at the local level to meet your obligations and stick to your agreements to the best of your ability at all times - that’s what helps make the world go round, but at the moment of death, you won’t be thinking, ‘shit, I haven’t completed my tasks yet’.

Give your perspective a bit of air in other words. Remind yourself that despite how much inconvenience it could cause, you’re actually free to walk away from all of it. Yes there could and probably would be all sorts of irksome consequences if you did and I’m not for a moment suggesting you do, but it’s important to know you could, for only then can you fully remember it’s actually your choice to stay with it. And once you remember it’s your choice, you are then able to preside over your tasks rather than vice versa.

At this point you only have to slow down your breathing, relax your body, say to yourself, your Tao, ‘I choose to accomplish all this easily, effortlessly, excellently, effectively, efficiently, enthusiastically, enjoyably, swiftly, smoothly and miraculously,’ then let go into it, lovingly and openheartedly and it will be so.

I hope this serves to ease your day today and wish you at least three wonderful surprises before you fall asleep tonight.

Love, D

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