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Dealing Most Effectively With Frustration

Things will happen or won’t happen that might frustrate you today – it’s inevitable in this convolution we call the everyday world.

But rather than attempt to untangle the frustration intellectually, try the following magnificent Taoist technique, which only takes a second but which leaves you feeling peaceful and powerful the whole day long. And when you feel peaceful and powerful the whole day long, things tend to move more smoothly anyway.

And it goes like this.

Make fists (representing whatever it is causing you frustration). Gather your fists into your belly as you breathe in. What happens next is called the Taoist Yell. It’s loud and it’s fast so you can generally get away with it without anyone noticing, or without noticing they’ve noticed, even in the most crowded place.

You’re going to throw your arms out, letting go of the fists and expel the air super-suddenly with a very loud and shocking, short, HAH! - allowing the sound to erupt from deep down in your belly and rise up through a relaxed chest and throat like a large concrete slab being unexpectedly hurled at a wall at great speed.

This will instantly release the frustration. But wait in silence for three breaths and let your energy settle before carrying on as you were.

Wish: you are startled by your own power and the feeling makes you smile from ear to ear with joy for being alive.

Love, Doc

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