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Dealing Most Effectively With Overload

There’ll inevitably be times things build up to a point of overload and you succumb to panic, which is all well and good if you like wasting time and energy but if you want to save both and end the day feeling happy as a sand boy or girl, remind yourself it’s a miracle you’re alive and being so, you’re well ahead of the game already. This will put things back into perspective and grant you a moment’s reprieve from the tension, in which to reset your internal circuitry, like pressing the off button for a moment of inner silence.

Accompany this with a large sigh.

Then relax your body and imagine yourself by a lake in the sunshine, all alone except for a beautiful deer who comes up to you and whispers in your ear, “Everything’s going to work out fine even if you can’t see it yet and because I’m a whispering deer talking in your ear in English, which is quite a phenomenon in itself, I sincerely hope you’ll pay attention and take heed of what I’m saying.”

Then tell yourself, ‘I choose to accomplish everything today easily, effortlessly, enjoyably, excellently, efficiently, economically, swiftly, successfully, miraculously and marvelously and I’m not just saying that.’

Finally return to the everyday state and carry on as you were. You’ll notice as you do, your inner strength has been renewed, your mind is clearer, your courage levels have risen, the overload doesn’t seem bigger than you any more – to the contrary, you feel big enough to preside over all of it with aplomb and life has once again become the fabulous, unfathomable, mysterious adventure it really is.

Give thanks – being here is a miracle of the uttermost proportions and scale.

Loving wish: you really feel that and the feeling grows with every breath you take so that by the time you rest your head on that pillow tonight you’re feeling finer than the due on the tomorrow morning’s grass.

Love, B

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