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Dealing with feeling effectively

Feelings arise as we go along – many of them uncomfortable. For some reason the art of dealing with feelings was never passed onto us as children, so we never really know what to do with them. The usual thing is to mask, deny, avoid, distract ourselves from or change them into something else.

The Taoist way is to breathe into and surrender to the feeling till it evaporates of itself, not being afraid to feel it, however uncomfortable, knowing it only to be momentary.

The other way merely keeps the feeling buried within, festering away till it eventually wears you away.

To instigate this fresh, novel approach, repeat six times or more if you like, with fullness of self brought to bear on speaking/thinking the words:

"I am easy with any feeling that may arise within, no matter how strong or fearful – I just relax my body, keep breathing and trust all my needs are met. I’ve now overcome any compulsion to run away and hide from what I feel."

I wish you a day of feeling nothing but joy.

Love, D

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