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Dealing with people and other difficulties the enlightened way

One of the effects of being in close proximity to millions of people all the time, which is how it is for the majority of the world’s population, is a certain irritability and tendency to go into judgmental, critical mode. And while this may feel justified and sometimes even momentarily fun, it does in fact exclude you from the miraculous flow of life-force flowing through you and society.

By the same token, if you know how to relinquish the irritable, judgmental, critical state while in the midst of the throng, you afford yourself the facility of eliciting a much more powerful miracle-flow and a vastly more enjoyable day for you and so by extension for those around you.

What’s actually going on here is the Great Presence expressing and manifesting in myriad human forms and the way we each show up to each other is merely that: a series of masks covering the face of the divine. Sometimes these masks are ugly and scary. Usually they’re fairly OK and sometimes even beautiful.

But they’re only masks and the actions of others are merely masking actions to disguise the fiat of absolute love emanating from the Presence at all times.

But philosophical, esoteric premises aside, simply by mentally saying hello to the Buddha in everyone you see or meet has a profoundly transformative effect on your day.

So start without delay in mentally saying, “You’re the Buddha” (with an emphasis on ‘you’re’), “and you’re the Buddha,” to everyone you see, meet or even think about today.

You won’t regret the miniscule investment and the return will be disproportionately huge.

I wish you a disproportionately huge return this very day.

Love, D

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