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Dealing With The Coming And Going Of Others

Everyone come and goes in the theatre of life, you, me, everyone we know – we all come and go, moment by moment, day by day, lifetime by lifetime, and that (the going bit) causes pain.

Underlying separation and abandonment fears are a significant factor in what determines the life-choices we make.

And there’s no way out of it. It’s human to grow attached to people and vice versa. With attachment comes the pain of inevitable separation.

However. this pain is attenuated by training yourself to adopt the transpersonal view with enough regularity and frequency to enable you to draw your sustenance from source more and, hence, from those around you less.

The transpersonal view is that we are each merely expressions of the generative force of universal consciousness, life and love, so that while we may indulge the temporary illusion that our existence as individuals has fundamental significance, the reality is we are all just flowers in the garden. It’s the force of nature expressing itself through us that has fundamental significance.

Whenever you relax your body, breathe slowly and remove your mind from the equation of the current moment, you can feel the force of nature flowing through you. The Taoists call it chi.

The more often you dwell in the sensation of the chi flowing within, the more sustained you feel simply sitting here breathing.

And the more sustained you feel from within, the less sustenance you need to draw on from others.

Naturally their inevitable going away at some point for whatever reason will cause pain but the chances of it rocking you right off balance are notably reduced.

Wish: you feel sufficiently sustained by the force of life flowing through you today to totally reframe your whole world-view for the better by a full quantum leap.

Love, Doc

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