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Deep magnificence

When you’re feeling depressed, deflated, dejected and/or dispirited, it’s hard to imagine how blithely repeating ‘I am cheerful, powerful and enthusiastic,’ over and over can possibly be of any help. To the contrary, some people find it even makes them feel worse.

This isn’t to say it couldn’t work. In fact if you repeat it enough in spite of feeling down, at some point within a 24 hour span or so, you will more than likely actually feel at least a moment of increased lightness-of-being and occasionally that’s all that’s needed to do the trick.

However, mostly, it works a lot better if you start by acknowledging and incorporating the negative sensations you feel and only then asserting your choice to feel differently.

This would look something like, ‘Despite presently feeling depressed/anxious/dejected etc, I’m in command of my own mind, body and mood and now choose to access and grow a sensation of cheerfulness, optimism, joyfulness and gratitude simply for being alive.’ Or, ‘I choose to use this feeling down as a way to make contact with my deeper self and then make an agreement with that part of me to attain to a state of natural bliss from now on instead.’

Naturally I wouldn’t wish to put words in your mouth, so though I of course invite you to make free to use these precise strings of words if you find they somehow resonate, but offer them primarily as examples to inspire your own strings of words.

First you have to accept how you’re feeling. Then you have to own it, as in it was you who at some level, chose this feeling. Then you have to love it. Love it, because it’s something you choose and it’s happening in your life and you fundamentally love being alive despite the way the theatre may have been unravelling around you of late.

As soon as you can truly say, ‘I love this,’ it transforms of itself anyway, but if you then make a conscious choice to feel magnificent, that’s precisely what you’ll manifest next.

I wish you deep magnificence through and through in all aspects of self and life now.

Love, B

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