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Deliverance into the new

Look back over your life at all the big shifts and you’ll discern a pattern: just before each time you jumped up a quantum level, just before each time your life expanded to afford you much more and much better of whatever it was you wanted, just before each time you got that something huge and new you’d wanted, you were required involuntarily to let go of something, say goodbye to something, leave behind something of equal hugeness.

And if you look back at those times, you’ll remember how with each you initially perceived that loss as a terrible, painful thing, when now, with the wisdom of retrospection, you can actually see them as the necessary levers to bring on the new, bigger and even better.

And where you are now, whether in the throes of letting go of something or on the way to doing so is no different.

So while whatever’s happening may feel hard on your soul, assuming you’re facing or dealing with loss of any kind, allow yourself a brief yet potentially profound fillip here and remind and assure yourself that whatever’s happening now is actually an expression of the Tao’s pure and absolute love for you, no matter how painful it may be currently feeling and that the result will be as beautiful, joyous and magnificent as it’s presently difficult.

I wish you instantaneous deliverance into the new.

Love, D

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