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Depression, no matter its psycho-emotional cause invariably originates in a deficit of liver energy, or vice versa. It means literally that the wild one within is being repressed, or more precisely that you’re repressing it. Mostly this will be unresolved suppressed anger or rage which needs healthy expression. Usually once this has been achieved, the depression lifts spontaneously. Naturally after many years or even just months of it, the process is more complex and lengthy but the principle remains the same and can be addressed effectively as follows.

Press firmly between first and second toes on each foot, up where the gap between the toe bones closes at the junction of the foot bone (metatarsal), where you’ll find a natural indentation to press into. Keep up the pressure for 30 seconds. This will stabilize your liver energy and encourage a greater throughput.

Next, at the appropriate time and place, relax throat, chest and belly, inhale deeply and from all the way down at the pelvic floor, let out a short, sharp, sudden HAH! as loudly as possible without straining the throat.

Then visualize yourself looking happy and elated. Don’t try and believe it, merely glimpse it, but do so often, as this will send the relevant signals to your autonomic system.

Then remind yourself, ‘It’s OK for me to feel exhilarated all the time now, no matter what.’

Expect subtle yet notable improvement within 24 hours.

I wish you to feel exhilarated by life all the time now, no matter what.

Love, Doc

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