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Develop flexibility to get the very most from the Tao

The Tao, the Great Way leads you a merry dance in the process of delivering you (to) your highest good. That’s its pleasure, its sport – and to respond with anything less than grace, humility and willingness to be nimble-footed merely constitutes bad form.

To question the wisdom of the Tao’s direction, to question whether the Tao even cares, to question the inevitability of a benign outcome – all this merely hampers your footwork and makes you clumsy and hence ill-disposed to receiving the abundance being proffered.

It’s all about being existentially flexible, not getting stuck in/with any particular position in respect of the world and your place in it, letting go of the need to be important, to be right, and/or to look good, being willing to be the fool if needs be – as long as you keep up with the steps the Tao is leading you through on the dance floor.

Or more precisely, the more you can be that way, the more rewarding the dance will be and when the Tao escorts you back to your table at the end of the foxtrot, you’ll be able to go, “wow, that was some dance”.

Love, D

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