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Develop superhuman focus

It’s normal to spend most of your time thinking as you go along, internally passing comment and debating with yourself about how well or badly you seem to be doing in the game of everyday life, how close or far you appear to be from manifesting your dreams, reaching your goals or hitting your targets, how well-equipped or deficient you seem to be in terms of your capacity to be successful, along with constantly questioning and recalibrating what success actually means in the first place, wondering what others are thinking of you, what you think of them and so on and so forth.

It’s an endless whirr of thought-noise coming off the front part of your brain.

And there’s nothing you can do to stop it. In fact it’s so convincing a state you normally mistake it for reality itself.

Meditation teachers tell you, you have to stop thinking and so still the mind. And though they mean well, that’s daft advice. The mind will never stop thinking.

Instead, try taking a moment with lowered eyelids, to visualize yourself leaning casually up against the rear interior wall of the skull, and gaze in a relaxed and focused way into the deep, dark, soothing void between and behind your eyes and forehead.

Fix your vision along an imaginary line stretching out into infinity in the void, keep focusing, and by and by, you’ll start noticing a concentration of energy or subtle light about 20 meters off in the internal distance. Keep focusing on that and shortly, your whole body will start vibrating with an unprecedented intensity.

After just a few moments of that, repeated on a daily basis, nothing that happens in the external world will ever be able to impact on you in quite the same way again, nothing will ever be able to distract you from the unfathomable yet simple joy of being alive, good and bad will be seen increasingly as merely relative, hence essentially meaningless and you’ll have achieved enlightenment, while still being engaged with the world.

But rather than make you less effective at playing the game of life, by virtue of the huge amounts of energy this will save you, not worrying yourself in the front of the brain there, and by virtue of the superhuman focusing power this will lend you, you actually become far more effective.

I wish you superhuman focus today, which produces a natural reordering of reality into a far more wonderful configuration for you today, unfolding majestically with utmost elegance over the coming days.

Love, Barefoot

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