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Develop supreme patience in respect of getting what you want

Tai chi means literally supreme ultimate and implies a state in which you’re able to see the world with the perspective of the Great Presence itself, with the eyes of the Tao. For when you allow yourself to zoom out far enough, as if looking at the planet and your life upon its surface from way out in space, the speed of events on the ground become irrelevant, and whether you manifest a particular result today or next year becomes immaterial.

Zoomed out that far, everything looks and is perfect exactly as it is and being and staying alive, obviously the only factor determining how successful you are.

Allow yourself the luxury of zooming out like that now and notice how it grants you instant access to the innate glee of simply being here regardless of what you’ve manifested or not till now.

Paradoxically, the easing off of pressure this facilitates, tends to actually accelerate the manifesting process anyway, so you win both ways.

I wish you to win in all ways today without even trying.

Love, D

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