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Develop the ability to talk lovingly to yourself

This consists in being willing to talk out loud to yourself, when alone, in a loving, kindly voice and say loving, encouraging things to yourself, as if you were your own coach, loving parent, grandparent, friend, guru or so on.

Many people strangely don’t know how to begin, so just in case, start by saying the opposite of what you’d normally be saying, for instance:

“You’re doing really well. You’re a beautiful person with a beautiful life. And you manage yourself and your life masterfully. Even when you don’t reckon you’re doing too well, you actually are doing magnificently. Think of what you’ve already achieved today [then list each tiny accomplishment from managing to wake up, through managing to perform your ablutions, through getting various tasks done and so on, even if they seem insignificant], you’ve done marvellously already. And you have the power and ability to do whatever you want to do with your life next. You’re brilliant…etc, etc.”

At first like any new or reclaimed skill, it takes time to become smooth at it, so practice for at least three minutes daily starting today, dear reader. It’s value lies in being able to hear that kindly, encouraging voice aloud as that also enabled you to hear it when you’re talking to yourself internally and helps you identify progressively more with the encouraging rather than critical voice within.

The more you identify with the former, the more you blossom, the more you identify with the latter, the more you diminish yourself. And whatever you focus on grows. Hence this is a crucial option to become cognitive of and exercise.

I wish you inordinate joy with yourself resulting in magnificent accomplishments today.

Love, B

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