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Develop Your Leadership Skill

It’s important to talk to yourself in a kindly way. You have to become real friends with yourself. You have to learn to trust yourself. At your deepest level, you are the Tao in human form with your face on, so it stands to reason that the better terms you’re on with yourself, the more you’ll trust yourself and hence the more you’ll trust the Tao. In this state of self-trust you tend to be more up for complying with your own wishes – sticking to your own agreements with yourself to manifest whatever it is and do whatever you have to do in real time to make it happen. Which may sound daft – why wouldn’t you comply with your own wishes, especially when it’s for something you actually want? Well, think back to all the times you sabotaged your own happiness and you’ll see why it’s an issue, why it needs focusing on.

Implicit here is developing that crucial sense of trust in your own leadership – this is tantamount to developing real trust in the Tao, in life.

Spend a bit of time talking out loud to yourself in a truly kindly, loving tone – encourage yourself, tell yourself well done for all your achievements so far, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Be your own success coach. It’ll do wonders for your progress.

Wish: you trigger a whole new stream of unexpected success today.

Love, Doc

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