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Developing A Healthy Relationship With The Divine

The Tao is a lovely thing. Our traditional notion of the divine is of something much larger than us, something much greater, something to fear, something to be in awe of and so on. And that’s fine. All notions have their place and if it serves some people some of the time to cosmologically position themselves like that, that’s fine too. However if you really want to take your life in your hands and live it, love it and ride it for all it’s worth, you may find the following notion handy to contemplate, entertain and experiment with as you wend your way today and tonight.

You can see the Tao as your mother – the Great Mother – and that works a lot of the time. You the child in a state of surrender, trusting all your needs to be met. It’s a beautiful model. I use it myself often.

But what if you tried seeing the Tao as your friend?

What if you trained your mind and being to know the Tao as your best friend, with whom you have all your best fun?

Well seeing as the shape of reality is entirely up for grabs and you can morph it according to your will, provided you know how to access your will and can move with power as a single unified unit through time and space and are, therefore at liberty to choose any sort of cosmological model you like and even go on to change models with as much frequency as feels right, there’s nothing stopping you adopting the model of the Tao as your best friend and to do so with absolute metaphysical validity.

It’s quite an odd sensation at first, as it totally goes against the traditional grain to see the Great Isness of the universe as being on the level with you, a chum to make life go with more of a swing for you, your own personal Harvey The Rabbit, invisible to everyone but you. It feels a bit awkward and cheeky to be so presumptuous. But if you can squirm through that and ease yourself into position with the Tao by your side (as well as behind, in front, above, below and within you), you’ll find it to be the best chum you’ve ever had and furthermore will find that when you ask it to sort things out for you, it does so far more like a friend who only wants to make you happy and make you smile. And just as with any friend you can’t hang out all the time without going numb on each other. It’s only natural that as your mind gets drawn to external distractions you’ll momentarily forget your friend but as soon as the external diversion is over, you’ll come back naturally to discuss what you’ve just experienced, just as you would with any good friend.

And the Tao won’t call you an ungrateful or fair-weather friend for it. To the contrary, it will totally understand, as it too will have been off exploring.

It’s a healthy friendship and one that might serve you well over the long haul, hence why I mention it here.

May it serve you so well, all the details of your life come together in the most surprisingly refined and elegant way this very day.

Love, Doc

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